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Welcome to this space to dialogue, reflect and exchange ideas. It is dedicated to you who like to read, write, think, speak, agree and disagree, propose the new and the unthinkable = Exit the limits of everyday thinking, suffocated in the immediacy and superficiality to which we are so often condemned to format our soul.  

from the blog

My goal is to share my soul through my writing, in order to find similar and even very different souls. This opens the doors of infinity in terms of learning. For me, being an apprentice is my passport to the unusual, to the adventure of the spirit, which never tires of wandering between dream and reality. Here you can find poetry, short stories, reflections, a bit of my story, more objectively on the site in my autobiography, and more subjectively here on the Blog,  throughout my literary writing, which lays bare my soul. You will also find themes related to Education, my spiritual passion, although I have not lived itlive, as a teacher, in the whirlpool of my many and varied studies. For me, Education is the foundation and also the dome of the great building - immeasurable - where the human spirit is sheltered, in its physical trajectory. In my parallel passion (I have a few), perhaps what else is present and constant here is a philosophical breeze. Metaphysics permeates  and expresses itself  in my most effusive and constant choices regarding reading and writing. 

Read, put yourself into all this about yourself. I really want to meet new people, and exchange ideas. And what delights me most is discovering the unprecedented, the unique impulse of being of each one, founded  and refined in the polyphony of human relationships, throughout life. We are unique in our charm, each in its own time and in its own way.  What drives me the most to dialogue in this space is the search for interaction, reciprocity, respect and the indomitable will to break limits and patterns that rob us of spontaneity, originality, the innocence of beauty in our souls. On the Blog I will post a little bit of my day to day, if nothing else, some sudden and uncontrollable inspiration to put into characters whatcharacterizes my innermost being. Welcome! Here you have the seriousness of someone who respects and wants to be respected, and the lightness of maybe, who knows, why not? 

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