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About the “beyond”

The word "beyond" carries with it important meanings, which lead to thinking about essential issues in life, including time and space. The expression "beyond the edge of the world" suggests the idea that there is an unknown and unexplored place that lies beyond the edge of the known world. This inspires us and calls us to self-improvement. It is important to awaken the will to transform and never conform to a life imposed only by duties. Sometimes duty can be a means to preserve us from evil, when turned to the practice of good, beyond the ego, beyond the benefit of only one's own interests. But the word "duty" seems to carry with it a sense of discomfort, of obligation, and the freedom that constitutes our nature rejects this idea, in its misunderstood sense.

It is the discipline in the search for the best of oneself that orders our thoughts and actions and purifies us from laziness and procrastination. Thinking about going beyond urges us to reflect on our limitations and on how we can overcome them, or harmonize with them. Time is marked by two dimensions, physical and psychological. Physical time is an objective measure, given in minutes, hours, days, years, in the passage of events, while psychological time is the subjective perception of these facts that follow one another.  Psychologically we are marked by moments of affliction and moments of calm. We often feel trapped in a relentless quest for the best, which always seems to be beyond what we achieve. When we walk on a wide plain, the horizon is an example of this. It always seems to be within reach, but it's a mirage. Despite this, we continue walking, driven to go beyond what is simply given in a life of affairs, in a mind that often clings to small routines and obligations that we impose or that are imposed on us. For those who ask what is good and what is evil, it is advisable to anticipate the possible consequences of our choices. We need to consider the scope of benefits, or disasters caused by our actions that stem from personal ego alone.


About “margin” 

The word "margin" carries with it the idea of limit, frontier, something that delimits us and imposes a barrier on us. When we say "beyond the edge of the world", we are indicating that there is a point that exceeds the limits of the known, and that is beyond what has already been explored or explored.

This metaphor can be compared to the end of a turbulence of water in an ocean or a large river, where the meekness seen in the distance can represent the unknown, the unexplored, but which is beyond what is familiar and safe. On the other hand, we can also compare the edge of the world with the beginning of a great journey, where we are forced to learn to navigate, face new challenges and explore new horizons. By stepping over the edge of the world, we allow ourselves to experience the new and the unknown, which can be both frightening and exciting. This shore challenges us to venture into uncharted waters and explore new worlds. It is an invitation to leave our comfort zone and to launch ourselves in search of our dreams.


"As for the world"

There is an internal world, somewhat obscure for ourselves, and an external world, sometimes showing us conflicts and afflictions that disturb us. On the other hand, restlessness moves us in search of what fully satisfies us. An identity of its own is born through constant learning, in the search for a more harmonious life, internally and externally. After all, it is the look of the other that confirms us. I stress the importance of learning and overcoming oneself, in this relationship between our interior and the exterior. The world is a complex and challenging place, sometimes full of fears, desires and conflicts that we don't always understand or know how to deal with. . It is through interaction with the external world that we can confirm and discover ourselves, constantly learning to deal with the situations and people that surround us. Life's journey is like a great journey, where we are forced to learn to navigate, whether in the turbulent waters of our internal world, or in the no less turbulent waters of the external world, where we find an infinity of possibilities. Learning to sail requires dedication, courage and perseverance, as it is not always easy to face the storms and turmoil that arise along the way. Learning and overcoming oneself is a constant journey, which leads us to a more harmonious life. It is important to value both the inner world and the outer world, learning to deal with them in a balanced and conscious way. Only in this way will we be able to transform ourselves and fully develop ourselves as human beings, in the perspective of a better world. This is our space, open to the exchange of ideas and feelings. I invite you to go beyond the limits we impose on ourselves and seek a deeper meaning for our lives. Keeping this idea in mind, we gain strength and empower ourselves to achieve what is beyond what we already know.

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