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I am passionate about exploring the paths beyond the edge of the world.

Music, Philosophy, studies, reading and travel are my sources of inspiration.

My incessant quest for self-knowledge leads me to the path of spirituality and metaphysics. I am an observer, a dreamer and a questioner.

My texts are born from the fusion between readings and studies and lead me to imagine and create narratives that awaken the imagination and touch the hearts.

Welcome to my literary universe, where words and wisdom meet, and imagination takes us to new horizons.

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"A look beyond the everyday - Urban Tales and Others What Such" is an invitation to simultaneously look outside and inside yourself, in the concrete and abstract of everyday life. This onebeyond the everyday highlights the fusion of dimensions, from which emerges the full understanding of the expressionwe are all one, already somewhat worn out and misunderstood in the pursuit of spirituality. Understanding that good is universal and that everyone seeks and deserves it, perhaps, is the key that enables us to enter the realm of harmony, love and peace. Sharpening our gaze towards what really matters is perhaps the password that will give us passage to a new reality. Imagining helps to navigate the virtual ocean of thoughts, where the book constitutes a fabulous vehicle. Reflect, port or starboard, is our compass.  Urban Tales & Others that such, subtitle of extension to the book's content, reveal everyday situations in the fantastic world of ideas, leading to some reflections on the meaning of life. The short story Estação do Tempo connects writer and reader in a meeting of timeless, impersonal and profound loving sensitivity. The narrative of the texts composes a mixture of reality transcended in dreams and fiction, abstractions and even some madness, in the fertile soil of inspiration in human experiences. Music links consonant with the plot, tuned to the emotion experienced in reading, constitute a differential in literary texts. Stories and chronicles take place in an urban setting that surprises with its simplicity that often takes us away from banality, when we discover true treasures in the deepest part of our soul. A random fertilization in the cosmic dust of Neptune, a troubled state of mind of an adopted teenager and an obstinate search for the truth about God and man, in a shamanic immersion, are themes of three short stories, among others, where metaphysics gains its space. In this intrepid and sometimes turbulent navigation, The world at the bottom of my patio is a safe haven for your soul to land.

(Forecast of official launch at the Book Fair in Porto Alegre -October/November 2023

(Sale links available on the side)

Destaque em Portal

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Entrevista com Press LC 

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Featured in national newspapers and portals

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Growing up for extraordinary stories, different from the transcendental literature I've always been curious about and appreciated, in which I've never read anything like it, was, for me, the book by Irene Genecco. [...] An emotional, instinctive woman, one might say intensely spiritualized and mediumistic, beyond the common thinking of humanity. It is rich in insights and contains engaging and revealing episodes of strength and power when it comes to building a life from scratch. Undoubtedly, it is an inspirational work, which develops from a child who sees himself alone in the world. It is the story of an incessant search, as if inside a kaleidoscope. It begins with a poem and concludes with another on the last page. In the midst of these two poetic frameworks, the story develops, in prose that is often sad and, at other times, interspersed with beautiful incursions into the unknown world that reveals itself, this time, with episodes of refreshing spiritual paths, like an elixir to be sipped, in order to prepare for the inevitable continuation. Furthermore, the recorded passages call us to beneficent strangeness. For those who like to read, accumulate knowledge and experiences lived by others, it is an example of life in resilience, which can lead to great victories. As a reader and producer of books, I saw the greatest manifestation of empathy with the arts, beauty and the common good. A cosmic story that unveils the unknown; that urges us to think and seek what we want. Everything she wrote came from her most intimate experience in beings of many dimensions. [...] Only someone with high mental preparation could do well in experiences of such depth, where everything comes to the surface. There are many books that are similar in part, but none of the ones I've come across have aroused in me such admiration and enthusiasm. [...] There are, however, things that could not be revealed, thanks to her responsibility and the control of all the spiritual actors, or not, who walked with her in this regression. This book does not intend to exhaust the theme. [...] There is nothing chronological or timed. She walked through worlds where there are no clocks and, therefore, we will be able to cite certain times, only when considering the exception of those three hours reported in the Regression, out of a total of seven hours of experiences. These were, for our measurements of time and space, the only material references to be considered. [...]  I conclude by saying, without wanting to exaggerate, despite being excited, that I have never read anything like it and, by intuition, that: You have never read anything like it.

(Partial preface by Luciana Carrero, Cultural Producer, registration 3523 at the Secretary of Culture of RS)

(Launched at the Book Fair in Porto Alegre - 2022-Sale links on the side)

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In this 2023 Edition, volume II is my article:



This article is focused on the construction processes of a management
democratic schooling in public education, in the midst of inconsistencies and
inconsistencies between the legislated discourse and management practice. has as objectives
reflect on the complexity of the process of Democratic Management at School, and
consider its relevance for the construction of a fairer society.
It presents a brief contextualization of organization, and then turns to the
school organization, object of this collection, analyzing and reflecting on the
managerial paradigm that operates in the current scenario of education. Addresses (scoring
Portugal and Brazil) pertinent questions, within the intrinsic complexity of
managing a school, such as the characteristics of this process between actors involved
and its relations with the legislated political discourse and the appropriation and understanding
effective, translated into practice resulting from this globalized scenario. Analyze
relations between politics and power, as a basic issue in the Management process
School, and also the process of building the democratization of processes
education, towards a more equitable and just society, based on the principles of a
Democratic management.

keep reading here on page 252

Âncora 1
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In this 2023 Edition, volume III, is my article:


The present work is focused on the topic of racism, complex and current,
at global and local level. The field of analysis punctuates ethnic and color racism in
Europe, notably in its immigration issues, and develops in a
more detailed scope regarding racism in Brazil, in its historical context
slavery, and current context, regarding activist groups facing the
racism, and inclusive public policies aimed at equity in education.

The Curricular Unit for which this study is intended (Multiculturalism) justifies the
approach to this theme, as it is characterized by the construction of a process
reflective and critical, on issues of socio-cultural differences between peoples,
nations, groups and ethnic groups, based on the aegis of respect for differences.
The focus leading to the development of the theme is Education, as a factor
fundamental awareness of society regarding behaviors
prejudiced, exclusionary and discriminatory, generating conflicts regarding the
resulting social inequality in different cultures. The aim is to reflect,
discuss and critically evaluate racism, having Education as its valid support,
in order to awaken us to the pressing need to seek equity and
social justice among subjects.

continue readingfrom here on page 78

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Featured in national newspapers and portals

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I am in this Edition with two short stories. This book celebrates:

Scortecci 40th Anniversary Special Edition.

Participation edition at the 26th International Book Biennial of São Paulo 2022

Commemorative edition of the 100 years of Modern Art Week 2022

Interested in purchasing a copy, at the website address below



I participated in this Edition, in 2015, with a short story.

Interested in purchasing a copy, contact the website address below


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Below, publication in the Bank's newsletter, where I worked for 35 years. Disclosure, in 2011, of my participation in the book commemorating the 40th anniversary of UniRitter. At another time, in 2014, my work was present, along with other colleagues, at the Company's first literary exhibition.  

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In this Edition, in 2009, I contributed with a poem and a short story.

Interested in purchasing a copy, contact at the address ofs websites below



I participated in this Edition, in 2008, with a poem and a chronicle.

Interested in purchasing a copy, contact at the website addresss below



In this book, 2009 edition, I participate with a chronicle.

This is my first poetry book, as an independent author, printed at Gráfica Continente, in Florianópolis, 2008.  Organized and revised by me, with cover design by  my daughter Laura Cristina Mattos, and some internal illustrations, made  by my nephew Cássio Stein. I made a small print run, already sold out, and the launch was in the social space of my work. I was invited for an interview on local TV, and I had  announcement in the newspapers about my book. 


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When the leaves fall – Collection of poetry and short stories - January 1985

This, as my first book published in a first collection, deserves a special mention. The production of the book for publication, as it still happens today, faced many challenges, due to the lack of own resources and investment in literature. I confess that I don't remember how I got involved in this collection, because at the time there was no Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, not even the internet. 

It was a very simple production, conducted by the organizers (almost handmade, as the texts were typed, not diagrammed). I have a single and last copy, which is why I photographed it, more with the intention of preserving the work, now virtually, in addition to sharing my feelings of enrapture in the Art of writing, which was already beginning to emerge from me. 

I was then 35 years old, with writing shelved for approximately 10 years now! My inspiration, don't ask me how, happened at intervals between 4 children, at that time from 5 to 18 years old, working 8 hours a day, keeping a house standing and rescuing feelings of hope and faith in life, above all. 

I was simply amazed when I read the review of my 8 poems, made by the professor, poet and literary critic Zeferino Paulo Freitas. He was the founder of the Academia Porto Alegrense de Letras – APAL (promoter of the compilation edition)  and held an important position at the University of Rio Grande do Sul. It already defended and projected, in a time when no one ever suspected or spoke of distance learning,  the Open University of Rio Grande do Sul. 

He has published two books of poems. In the second - Diário de Bordo - he won, in partnership with two other authors, the Olavo Bilac award, from the Brazilian Academy of Letters. 

I did not have the opportunity to thank him for his benevolent criticism of my poems at the time, as I was going through a very turbulent period in my life. I also thank the organizer and collector of all this material - Sangar Vidal - which constitutes this beautiful and significant book.

I do it today, just 38 years late! This initiative, along with the words of Professor Zeferino Paulo Freitas, were the foundation of my hopes in literature, for at least another 23 years, when I launched, as an independent author, my first solo poetry book – Inquietude.  

In 1985, when I had my first book published in a collection, there was a Literary contest, at the company where I worked, and I was contemplated in the 3 categories, short story, chronicle and poetry.

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